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Cabot Products

Australian Timber Oil
Bleaching Oil
For decks, railings, stairs and outdoor furniture.
Made with three different quality oils:
Tung oil, alkyde and linseed oil.
Water-repellent and UV protection,
cover approximately 250-350 square feet (23-33 m2) per gallon (3,78 L)
on smooth surfaces and approximately 100-200 sq. ft. (30-60 m2)
on rough wood. Colors available:
Natural, Honey teak, Amberwood, Mahogany flame, Jarrah brown.
Bleaching Oil is uniquely formulated to accelerate the natural weathering process of uncoated exterior wood. It contains a small amount of gray pigment and a chemical ingredient that actually bleaches the wood's surface. When first applied, this product gives a delicate gray tone, and during the first few months' exposure it gradually turns into a beautiful, natural driftwood gray color. This weathered effect, if derived by nature, would require many years of harsh exposure, which often turns wood dark and uneven in appearance. Bleaching Oil produces a self-protecting finish and achieves a uniform weathered look in only 6 to 12 months. The coverage On smooth surfaces, approximately 400-600 square feet per gallon; on rough surfaces, 150-250 square feet per gallon.

Pro.V.T. Stain
Decking Stain Opaque
Solid Color Acrylic (Pro.V.T.) Siding Stain is 100% acrylic solid color stain formulated to have superior performance. Solid Color Acrylic Siding Stain is a heavily pigmented and exceptionally thick wood siding stain, delivering greater opacity than conventional solid color stains. Covers previously painted or stained surfaces in just one coat. Water-repellent, the coverage on smooth surfaces covers approximately 300-400 square feet per gallon and on rough surfaces, 200-300 square feet per gallon. This versatile, fade-resistant exterior stain provides superior results when applied on new or reconditioned wood siding and shingles, cement siding, manufactured hardboards, previously painted surfaces, aluminum and pre-primed ferrous metal, masonry, stucco and plywood panel siding.
Opaque oil bases stain. 100% alkyd resin.
UV protection, ideal for decks, fencing and patios.
Cover 400-500 sq. ft. per gallon on smooth surfaces,
250-350 sq. ft. per gallon on rough surfaces.
Recommend one-coat application

Decking Stain Semi-Transparent
Translucent Stain
Cabot Semi-Transparent Stains are deep penetrating, linseed oil-based stains that beautify and protect exterior wood. These lightly pigmented stains enhance the natural beauty of the wood by allowing the grain, texture, and color variations within the wood to show through. Water-repellent and UV protection, cover approximately 200-300 square feet per gallon on smooth surfaces.
Translucent Stain is specially formulated with a unique blend of resin and oil to provide a superior, natural finish for bare wood. For use on decks, siding, fences and trim. Also suitable for use on shingles, shakes and log homes. Water Repellent, the coverage is Approximately 250-350 sq. ft. (23-33 m2) per gallon on smooth wood, approximately 100-200 sq. ft. (30-60 m2) on rough wood. Colors available: Natural, Cedar, Heart Wood,
Pacific Redwood

Fills cracks to 1/4", locks down splinters, skid-resistant.
Can be used on wood or concrete.
Coverage: Requires 2-coat application.
One gallon covers approximately 75 sq. ft. with 2 coats.
Water-based. Unique silicone formula.
Ideal for wood, concrete, brick, masonry and a wide-variety of porous substrates including brick, stone and unglazed tile.
It is ideal for new or properly reconditioned decks, fences, siding, shingles, and logs. Coverage :100-250 square feet per gallon (2.5-6.2 m²/L).
Rates will vary depending on porosity of the surface.

(Wood Cleaner)
Problem Solver is specially formulated to remove mildew stains, mold stains, algae stains, dirt, stained, unfinished or weathered wood surfaces. Use for preparing all surfaces prior to staining or painting.